Careful not to be locked in your world.

Exposure to “otherness” will leads us all to see that we are all after
the same thing…hope.

Cowboy boots can learn a little something on a Manhattan subway, and
so can Brooks Brothers sleeves rolled up to serve at a shelter.

These boots were not just made for horseback, and these suits were
also meant for serving, not just selling.

It never ceases to amaze me how much “we” and “otherness” have in common. In the same breath, I’m always taken by the beauty that unfolds in the aftermath of cross-pollination.

The fingers of a bluegrass mandolin can learn a lot from a blue jazz soul.

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3 thoughts on “Cross-Pollination

  1. Katherine says:

    Loved this post. This is a way of thinking, living, and believing that I want to have and also instill in my kids.

  2. Tres says:

    Beautiful concept & awesome imagery! I hear the music of enjoying your journey from this post, & I need more of this cross over in my journey!

  3. Lenny Harris says:

    Love the thought and the concept…

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