One day an opportunity will arise for you the salesman to say I’m sorry. I was wrong. It was my fault. My product or service did not work the way it was intended to.

Everyday an opportunity will arise for you to serve.

Most days an opportunity will arise for you to not ignore the call.

Probably everyday an opportunity will arise for you to make the call you don’t want to.

When we don’t take the opportunity alloted, we miss a musical opportunity.

Noise is what the market expects (you’re not going to serve well, you’re not going to say you were wrong, you’re going to ignore the difficult call, and you’re not going to make the follow-up call). Noise is par. Noise is average. Noise is vanilla.

I’m giving you 2 permissions:

1) You are allowed to ignore the small voice inside your head that wants you to play the blame game, not serve, ignore the call, or not make the call. The more we give in to this voice, the more shallow life becomes.

2) Talk to your fears. Call them out. Address them. Demand they weaken. They’re responsible for most of where we’re lacking music in our lives.

Now that you have this permission, what are you waiting on?

Our days are full of endless opportunities, and it is the result of these opportunities that will cause your brand continue living in an economy where there are brand causalities happening all around us.

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