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…takes time.

…seeks to be connected over being correct.

…requires empathy.

…comes from a place of generosity.

…and starts with a desire to understand.

What if we started comparing, connecting, and commingling our questions in lieu of staging battles with our answers?

I imagine the music cue up as our questions started to dance.

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Fast, Faster, and Fastest.

Which one of these do you need to get to or become?

And what if these f words weren’t so much about competing, but were more focused on the speed at which you show up and become human?

What if you became fast to listen?

What if you became faster at giving the world and those in your world an A?

And what if you were known as the fastest to forgive?

The bandwidth of humanity has always been a speed that changes the end user or recipient. And it sure does appear that change just may be the moral of all our stories.

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