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Verb Invention

Think of it this way…

We don’t overnight – we FedEx.

We don’t search the Internet – we Google.

We don’t sweep the floor – we Swiffer.

We don’t take pictures – we Instagram.

When your brand or service is the verb, it’s tough for brand #2 to have much market penetration. Case in point, we Google much more than we Yahoo.

In other words, T-Pain your music, the world will Tweet about it, and all you’ll do is win-win-win no matter what.

Paintbrushes and Tongues

Dr. Wendell Johnson was an American psychologist, speech pathologist, and the author of a famous book entitled People in Quandaries. Considered one of the earliest and most influential speech pathologists in the field, Dr. Johnson reveals in his book that through his studies he did not find one individual on Native American reservations that suffered from stuttering.

Here’s an excerpt from his book: “Interestingly enough, the word “stutter“, or a substitute for the word, is not even in the Native American language. If there is not word for stutter, how are you going to stutter? Words paints pictures.”

There are words I need deleted from my vocabulary. At the same time, there are words that need much more game time than I’ve allotted them.

We will only create what we can dream, and a negative vocabulary will only pollute the sky upon which we gaze to dream.

The scriptures explain that A gentle tongue is a tree of life, but perverseness in it breaks the spirit. Proverbs 15:4

Words, indeed, are spoken art. What pictures of possibility are you painting for those you lead?

Who Cares?

Who cares?

This should be our first question before taking our message, products, brands, services, ideas, and music to the marketplace.

The world is now one big neighborhood and it is easier than ever to find out who cares about what you do.

When you discover who cares, there you will find family. Treat them as such and the music will play.

The Eskimos are done with our ice cream advertising.

The Good News

There is great news this morning.

People that succeed in this life are not people who have mastered many things. Rather, they are people who have been mastered by very few things that are very, very great.

IQ, looks, degrees, financial status, age – none of these have any correlation with success.

We just have to know a few basic, obvious, simple, and unchanging things and be ruined by them.

Which is why new successes are available at the fingertips of every new sunrise.

The challenge is for us to find, hold, and adhere to these things. Treasure hunting, if you will……

EntreSpiritual Thoughts and Convictions While Looking at Outer Space

Calling all stargazers chasing sunsets.

Calling all the lonely gamblers placing petty bets.

Calling all the cold souls dreaming highschool dreams.

Calling all the young and old that have never caught anything.

Could it be that this life means more than you think?

Your dreams aren’t just dreams – but reality.

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