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The Pencil and the Eraser

The pencil: and.

The eraser: but.

One allows you to write and converse with possibility.

One erases all options of possibility and swims in the bay of blame and rivers of he said she said.

These are two words we’ll use thousands of times this week without thinking that hold massive implications for our communications.

In other words, and > but.

Think about this the next time you talk, text, or email.

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Out of the Office

I learned this the hard way: Work related activities cannot replace non-work related activities.

In the end, as you get better at work, you should get better at play and as you get better at play, your work, creativity, and clarity should become better as well.

It’s close tug of war between inspiration and perspiration for the trophy of success. I’m not certain on this (I’m getting close), but it appears the ratio is probably inspiration:51 to perspiration:49.

Today, may you find yourself on a walk, in a sunset, in a garden, or some other place oxygenated with love to fill the lungs of your inspiration.

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Something New

Spotify now has 40 million active monthly users and over 10 million paying customers.

Please click on something you wouldn’t normally listen to. The Genres and Moods playlists are well worth the click.

The world of wonderment has never been more wide open…and we should take advantage of that.


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Re: Goodnight.

There isn’t a gift under a tree that compares to the gift(s) under your skin.

Here’s something to chew on between now and 1/1/15.

What if you unwrapped yourself and your world everyday for a year?

Chances are you would gain awareness,

enter into vulnerability,

discover potential,

and lead yourself towards all new possibilities.

Cliche, but it sounds like everyday would provide a form of Christmas.

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That Thing Has A Name…

That thing.

That thing you think about when you look at the cosmos. What is that thing?

That thing you feel when connection happens in a moment, in the world, with a person, and even with yourself. What is that thing?

That thing that has beaten in your chest as long as you can remember. What is that thing?

That thing you feel on December 25th. That thing you wish you could bottle and drink on the 26th, 27th, and thereafter. What is that thing?

That thing that hums when generosity has her way.

That thing that flies when gratitude is swapped.

That thing has a name and its name is Your Music.

I’d like to tell you more, but it’s better if you take it from here.

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