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Flavor Bouncing Your Life

Often times we wonder, sometimes even to the point of not being able to make a decision, about where we should go with our lives, our relationships, or our careers.

We create an endless domino train of “if-thens” and, in doing so, never take the first step into what could actually and beautifully be.

What if our indecision is actually a lack of understanding about the flavoring combos of life?

What if we started to layer our questions about the direction of our days with questions about the flavors, harmony, and experiences we are truly after in this life?

What if we started with the bass note of joy and from there bounced ideas of peace, friendships, rest, weather, culture, and art until we arrived at a wonderfully calibrated milieu that was uniquely fashioned for each of us?

The video below is from Grant Achatz of Alinea in Chicago. I’ll let you take this metaphor from here.

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Things we often forget to remember…

Rest is part of the journey.

Faces > Places.

“No” can and will save you.

The future only comes to us and happens in the now.

Meaning, peace, and joy hold hands and have parallel trajectories.

We are family.

Hopefully we can start remembering not to forget.

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What is beautiful?

That’s really the only question you need to answer and continue answering.

Answer that, and your cup will overflow, your sleep will be serene, and your life will be a gift you receive and a gift you get to give.

Nothing suffocates cynicism and pessimism like the constant pursuit of beauty.

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What would I tell my younger self?

Today? This…

Point and call out beauty everywhere you see it. Do the same for the truth and good that finds you and that you find.

Celebrate the success of others.

Don’t dam your tears.

Meaning > Money.

Pause by orchids.

Always assume positive intent in digital communication.

When you can, make time to prepare your meals.

Busy and efficient are not the same.


Love is the engine of the universe.

Oh…and it’s going to be ok.

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You’ll never know what you were missing until you can truly sit in, hold, and know the humble experience of being content.

Everything else is an illusion until this becomes a reality.

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