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The Green Room

Let’s think of today as the green room prior to the stage of 2013. The green room is the space in the venue which accommodates the performers before they hit the stage and make their music. This is the room where the set list is made, the show is planned, and the Muse begins to whisper hints and nudge at the musician’s improvisation.

You’ve got a service, product, or idea and now you’re locked in the green room to dwell on its…

  • content
  • appeal
  • connectivity
  • engine
  • fuel
  • form
  • fans
  • followers
  • assets
  • market trends
  • edges (smooth and rough ones)
  • vision
  • weakness
  • strength
  • untapped markets
  • craftsmanship
  • trade-offs
  • vibe
  • truths and lies
  • purpose
  • design
  • pace
  • taste
  • feel
  • style
  • why
  • promise
  • hope
  • legacy
Ralph Waldo Emerson, once said, “People only see what they are prepared to see.”
Give yourself some time in the green room today for 2013’s benefit.
Success feasts on preparation.
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Celestial Fire

George Washington once said we should “Labor to keep alive in your chest that little spark of celestial fire called conscience.”

For most purposes, the world will call today the last workday of the year.

But I’m hearing 2013 whistle at us to come on, keep going, and water and grow what was sown in 2012.

Open your chest and put another log on the fire.


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Words, Actions, and Music

There are some things words cannot say…we call those things actions.

There’s an aftermath that occurs when actions are taken because of one’s values…we call that aftermath the music.

Your music speaks where words fail and shows what actions cannot.

Music is your holy to-do.

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I want…

…to make a ruckus.

…to leave people and places better than I found them.

…to make more moments worthy of pause and memory.

…more awareness in the midst of serendipity.

…to know more hope, more peace, and more truth.

…to mute fear.

…to see more and look less.

…to hear whispers via The Muse.

…challenge my own art and appreciate the art of others.

…to be a player and not a spectator.

…to change the game.

…this all to matter.

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