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Simple, not easy.

“Simple, not easy.”

This is a great note and a reminder for everything you could ever want to be, ever want to do, or ever want to have.

Small road.

Narrow gate.

Few find it.

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A day worth repeating (so your days don’t repeat)

Today’s podcast is called ‘A day worth repeating (so that your days don’t repeat)’.

In this conversation, I cover the two essential places and postures that I’ve found to be necessary to lead a life of intention, beauty, and purpose and build businesses with sustainability, predictability, and profitability.

Below you will find a link to the various places you can stream or download today’s podcast!






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Where are you unwilling to look?

Your shame?

Your spending?

Your success?

Your grief?

Your anger?

Your joy?

Your restlessness?

Your resentment?

Your opinions?

Your anxiety?

Your love?

You’re probably unwilling “to go there” because you’ve been taught more about the sports of judgment and critique more than you have been taught about the experiences of understanding and curiosity.

Understanding and curiosity sure don’t sell newspapers like judgment and critique do.

But they sure can make a soul soar.

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