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What They Came For Is Not Why They Came

Sure, the market came to you because it needed some sort of service or wanted the benefit of a product.

But really – if you peel back the onion – they came for:

  • Hope
  • Joy
  • Transformation
  • Experience
  • Fulfillment
  • Enlightenment
  • Thrill
  • Peace

Intertwine these into your products or service and you will have started a story worth sharing for your customer.

Forget about these and your product or service become a stale commodity where you will be shopped for cheaper every time.

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Balance Sheet

99% of what affects the balance sheet is nowhere to be found on the balance sheet.

Look up and around and in the mirror.

There you will see what’s contributing to the bottom line.

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The Entrepreneur’s Job Description

Normally, the entrepreneur’s job description, we think, is to invent, create, dream up, execute, and take risk.

It may look like these things from the outside – but truly, now more than ever, his or her job is to obsess over finding new ways to create value in, through, and for the product/service.

The marketplace will always pay up to the value it sees and believes is there.

So while your invention, dream, and new risk may be fun, eclectic, interesting, and even worth talking about – you must never forget about its value.

An entrepreneur creates value. Period.


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