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A letter from what you want

Good morning.

With only 1,440 minutes available for you today, it’s best if we keep this short.

We typically are found in the realms of what is hidden and unseen.

Many call the avenues that lead to us boring and lacking with any entertainment value. Unless, of course, you understand the beauty of the human experience. If so, you’ll find our music, poems, and metaphors quite liberating.

Spamming your way to us looks like an effective approach. Trust us, it isn’t.

You won’t find us where everyone is. We hang out on the fringes where one can actually see the forest for the trees.

There’s a few things we love: seasons, humanity, sustainability, rest, connection, unity, art, friendship, and simplicity. We hope you’ll learn to love them too.

The few that have found us will always share what they feel, what they felt, and what they have found. But they won’t shout it aloud. Sharing and shouting never have danced well together. Hint…hearing starts in your eyes.

So don’t forget to ask others about us along the way.

Remember to seek beauty, flavor, meaning, love, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control.

Knock on many doors and know who you are so you can answer ‘Who’s there?”.

And always onnect with contribution and consistently sow with the seeds of generosity.

We hope to see you soon.


Truly yours,

Success – Satisfaction – Fulfillment – Wonder – Awe

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Universal Suggestions

Listen to disruptions.

Celebrate small successes.

Exchange words in your vernacular like working, building, and producing with crafting, cooking, writing, gardening, or painting. The results will taste better.

Hold your truth with humility.

Embrace paradox.

Spy for beauty and then tell us when and where you found it.

Obey your body.

Center yourself often in gratitude.

Keep learning and sharing what you’re learning.


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Podcast 47: Making Wisdom Go Viral with Jay Shetty


After living in a season of stillness and solitude after finishing college, Jay Shetty took his experience as a monk in India to empower his passion and hope for the world…making wisdom go viral.

Over the last 10 years Jay has helped more than 10,000 people find their purpose through ancient wisdom. Moreover, Jay has developed workshops and delivered keynotes to empower people to successfully apply mindfulness techniques in their lives. His video, “Changing the world begins with us”, featured by The Huffington Post received 10 million + views in just 5 days of launch.

His work has also appeared on BBC Radio London, BBC Asia Network, and Shortlist Magazine.

Jay joins us in this episode of Let The Music Play Podcast, as we discuss the insights he’s gained through his journey of awakening to the reality that happiness is an inside job.

Lastly, remember that all episodes of Let The Music Play Podcast are available for streaming or downloading in iTunes or at AshtonGustafson.com.


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