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Podcast 41: Mystery, Metaphors, and Wonder with Jedidiah Jenkins


At the age of thirty Jedidiah Jenkins got on a bicycle and started his journey from Oregon to Patagonia. Sixteen months later he arrived in Patagonia and he is now sharing his insights on choosing your own life and living with intention. Now serving as the executive editor of Wilderness Magazine, Jedidiah joins us in this podcast as we discuss his journey with Mystery, his love affair with metaphors, and how to cultivate a life of wonder and awe in the magic of the mundane.

It’s such a joy to share this conversation with you! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Simple question, really – What are your intentions today?

What call(s) must be made?

What line item must be removed/added?

What deal must get done?

What idea must have its corporate docs drawn up?

What chapter must be finished?

What discussion must happen?

What song needs to be written?

Soon it will be Friday.

Soon it will be December 31.

Soon it will be January 1.

Soon it will be April 15.

Soon it will be a new market.

Soon it will be time for you to retire.

And soon your tomorrow’s will reflect the intentions of your today’s.

Intention is the birthplace of all great legacies, great moments, and great stories.

Happy Monday. #LTMP



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