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and connection is always available.

Are you available to such things?

Undortunarley, the same can be said for the opposing energy of everthing mentioned above.

We don’t see how things are.

We see things how we are.


We won’t see you…

…if you don’t allow yourself to be seen.

Or what if we asked it this way?

What if there’s something that we haven’t yet seen, known, experienced, or danced with because you have kept yourself from being seen?

We are all a part of the collective tuning up.

Think of what 7.5 billion candles would reveal.

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Illusion and Reality.

It’s hard to know the difference between illusion and reality in the moment.

The email, the text, the look, the silence, the noise, and the emotion all become personal narrative based on our kaleidoscope of previous narratives that we have lived, experienced, or told ourselves.

Only when we can accept the moment for what it is will we be able to know the moment for what it is.

And to know a moment is to know its possibility.

This is nothing new, right? “Be still, and know….”.

It’s true.

Our stillness is the great predecessor to our knowing.

Developing this sixth sense for knowing the moment is the muscle memory of those that graciously lead us into both our present moments and our tomorrows that are pregnant with beauty.

We can’t midwife beauty for the world until we learn to penetrate illusion and touch reality.

Once you touch it you can know it.

Once you know it you can show it.

And by showing it you’ll be sharing it.


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Hello my name is Love

Everyday we put one of these on.


What if we paused before writing a name on the sticker?

What if we thought about the view from our best, truest, and highest self? The unoffendable self…the beautiful self….and from there wrote a name to live from and through.

May we all imagine this sticker over our hearts today as we meet and engage the worlds we have all been entrusted.

And while you’re at it, let this song take you on a journey.


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