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What Are Your Exit Doors?





Walk through one of these and it’s quite hard to get back into the room where you cultivate your dreams.

Why have any plan that distracts from plan ‘A’? You don’t want that temptation and your dreams don’t deserve that either.

When we’re talking about your dreams, an exit strategy is an oxymoron. Nothing more. Nothing less.


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What’s Your Point?

Or should we ask, “what are you pointing at?”

Are you pointing us towards something to tolerate or something to celebrate?

Are you pointing us at the seen or the unseen?

Are you pointing us towards the noise or the music?

We must constantly ask ourselves what are we pointing at, because that in itself will be the point we leave behind.

Our fingers don’t point back at us for a reason.

Get the point?

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Connection: The Added Value

Every iPhone sale makes the one you own just a bit more valuable. More connection = more value.

Every new idea you read connects with the previous ideas you’ve been exposed to and makes your new thinking and insight a little more valuable. More dots connected = more value = more people accessing your dots.

Every hand you shake increases the value of your previous handshakes. (Read The Power of Who for more here). More hands connected = more value.

You can play Angry Birds or you can connect with what you’re holding or looking at right now.

Tomorrow we won’t notice your decision, but five years from today we most certainly will.

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The Benefit of the Doubt

When you fundamentally give someone a new way to look at their world, their purchasing, their behavior, or their thinking, you’ve then just led them somewhere….and that’s what we all deep down want with every new connection.

We all hope to meet Christopher Columbus. And we want to go somewhere new on La Pinta.

There’s a benefit in the doubts others have about your ideas, products, and services. But you’ve got to look at it backwards to find the benefit.

When you can get your ________ to benefit them – there’s no doubt it’s going to come full circle and find a way to benefit you as well.

I’m almost certain Columbus’ words when he hit the shore of the Americas was not ‘wow’…rather, I envision him turning to his comrades and asking – “now do you believe me?”

We need to find more doubters of our music and turn them into dancers.

Bravery be with us.

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