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Being, Doing, and Having.

We tend to find ourselves in one of three camps…

  1. Have – Do – Be
    1. “Once I have_____ I will then get to _____ and finally I will be_____.
  2. Do – Have – Be
    1. “If I could just _____ I would have _______ which makes me _______.
  3. Be – Do – Have.
    1. “I am loved and enough so my story’s potential is limitless and everything I could ever want is here and available in this moment.”

Two of these are cuffs on the hands of our hearts and souls.

One of these breaks the chains.


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Walk with me here.

Take 5 globs of different colored play-doh.

And let’s name them the colors of┬áhealth, relationships, passion, growth, and contribution.

Now take those five colors and roll them into the shape of a ball.

Notice the marbling?

You’re staring at the ideal metaphor of what you want your days to look and feel like.

Four words: now go do that.


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A friend pairs well…

…with a phone call. It’s nice – and comforting – to be heard isn’t it?

…with a marriage. What/who else would you want to invest and spend your days with?

…with any exchange of currency (financial, social, relational, etc). Win-win is a no-no today for many and for some, taboo. Bob Goff rattled my cage with this thought – “God doesn’t pass us notes, He passes us people.” Let us not forget that it’s in our daily exchanges where most people are passed to us.

Alas, to be a friend and to let those friends that you have know you consider them into this sacred grouping is one of the finest human compliments.

To clarify, this isn’t a scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours friendship pairing we’re arguing for. What charms and delights here is the I’ve-got-your-back type of friendship.

I hope you will share this with someone that has paired well with your days.

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The Benefit of the Doubt

When you fundamentally give someone a new way to look at their world, their purchasing, their behavior, or their thinking, you’ve then just led them somewhere….and that’s what we all deep down want with every new connection.

We all hope to meet Christopher Columbus. And we want to go somewhere new on La Pinta.

There’s a benefit in the doubts others have about your ideas, products, and services. But you’ve got to look at it backwards to find the benefit.

When you can get your ________ to benefit them – there’s no doubt it’s going to come full circle and find a way to benefit you as well.

I’m almost certain Columbus’ words when he hit the shore of the Americas was not ‘wow’…rather, I envision him turning to his comrades and asking – “now do you believe me?”

We need to find more doubters of our music and turn them into dancers.

Bravery be with us.

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