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When Green, Again, Appears

When the bees begin to leave their honey mansions

to go find groceries

for the village symphony,

I remember

to notice

the green.

Groggy earth and sleepy branches

gently thaw

their memories of winter

& by the trillions

begin to smirk in wondrous, green diversity.

That’s the joke,


they now recall:

death is an illusion.

When the green, again, appears

I consider every moment

I thought

something would end:

me (or what I thought was me)

my joy

my love for another.

How can something that is endless end?


and hear

the green

remind you

of who

you are.

Weekend Reads & Listens

Morgan Housel wrote a beautiful reflection on investing and how it aligns with the universal principle that Hemingway coined ‘gradually, then suddenly.’ Check out Investing: The Greatest Show On Earth.

The late John O’Donohue was given the mic this week in one of Fr. Richard Rohr’s daily meditations. The Circle of Eternity made me smile and was so very comforting.

I’ve started a series at Good / True / & Beautiful Podcast on the True Self. We’ve had Shawn Askinosie and Dr. Kelly Flanagan on thus far and have more guests coming on in the next few weeks. You can find these conversations at iTunes and Spotify.

If you’re wondering about cryptocurrency, that makes two of us. Here’s some yin and here’s some yang.

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