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A Message from St. Augustine

Good morning, friends. And now a word from one of my heroes, St. Augustine.

Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains,

at the huge waves of the sea,

at the long courses of the rivers,

at the vast compass of the ocean,

at the circular motions of the stars,

and they pass by themselves without wondering.

You’re dismissed.

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Unheard of. Unseen. Unbelievable.

Leadership is creative innovation that leads to meaningful change.

Dig deep.

Get lost in the stars.

Look inside of yourself and capture your greatness.

Bring us the unheard of and things never seen before that will take us to places we won’t believe.

We’ll come back again and again for such an experience.

Can you say ‘business model’?

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May I Join You On Your Journey?

That’s a much more powerful question than “Would you like to join me on my journey?”

Funny things happen when your journey becomes about and for the enrichment of another’s journey. For one, you’re giving and not taking. And most acts of giving our birthed from a heart of service. Secondly, you’re basically asking if you can help them, their purpose, their problem, or their story. We call that hope.

Good business is a romantic way to say┬áthis is not about me. I’m pretty certain a great life offers the same aim.

In other words, the joining of other’s journeys is the rewarding journey we’re all looking for.

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On or Off?

This is a pretty simple gauge to check with our lives.

It’s one or the other.

Are you on or are you off?

We can live…

…on purpose or off purpose.

…on a mission or off our mission.

…on call for inspiration or off call.

Awaken this awareness before you go back to sleep. (That in itself is a worthy daily goal)

We’re live. This is happening. Flip the switch.


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I think we procrastinate because we’re afraid to look our finished work in the eyes. In a way, we believe we’re looking at ourselves when we look at the work that is done, and it’s never easy to hear “not good” or not be accepted.

But what if we just had the eagerness for great work that would eventually lead us to great things?

It’s not about what’s created, it’s about the fulfillment found in creativity. That’s what we’re after. I’m convinced an eagerness to simply start things will quiet the voices of fear that fuel our procrastination.

We remember prepping the meal more so than the oven dinging.

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