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A Letter from 2014

Dearest Musician,

This is your time.

This is your canvas.

So gather your instruments, join your fellow musicians, and let your music play.

Know that you are a better teacher for yourself than any book will ever be. Listen to the mirror.

However, it’s not what you know that will fulfill you. It’s what you become when you do what you do and witnessing who that impacts that will fulfill you.

Keep a lookout for the unseen, untouched, and unloved people, places, and things. There is great opportunity in such discoveries.

And lastly, say no to karaoke and yes to something original.

Yours truly,

Two Thousand and Fourteen

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The Previews

Einstein once said that ‘your imagination is a preview of life’s coming attraction.’

The Book of Proverbs relays that ‘as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.’

Dreams happen twice.

Once between your ears and once at your fingertips.

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Wandering Into The Familiar With Wonder

You get up, you shower, you have a cup of coffee, you check your email, you drive to work, you work, you drive home, you have dinner, you watch the news, you go to sleep. The sun rises and then you hit repeat.

Looking straight into the familiar we often neglect to look and listen at what’s around it. We must wander into what’s familiar with an expectation of surprise.

The hope here is that this wandering can lead to a wonder that leads to you having gained new insight, making change, or creating something new from the familiar.

Look and listen to the all too familiar trees around you. Behind the leaves you won’t believe how the once hidden bluebird sings your songs or how she glistens with inspiration and direction.

True or false: It’s hard to get full of wonder when you’re stuffed with familiar.


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If you’re going to linger…

…then linger around those you want to be like.

Linger around your Muse.

Linger around love, leadership, and whatever a combination of the two looks like.

Then move.

Dreams don’t come to fruition via osmosis.

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There isn’t a gift under a tree that compares to the gift(s) under your skin.

Or put another way, your music can’t be purchased. It’s in you and simply waiting for you to unwrap it, give it room to breathe, and compose itself.

To know and act on this daily is the path to sleeping in heavenly peace.

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