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The Beauty of Quiet and Silence with AJ Sherrill

Fr. James (1)

A gifted pastor, teacher, writer, and leader, AJ Sherrill has over 15 years of pastoral experience in diverse church settings across the nation. He is the author of Enneagram and the Way of Jesus and Quiet: Hearing God Amidst the Noise and currently serves as the lead pastor at Mars Hill in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In this episode we discuss the significance of finding silence in the midst of life’s noise and how our patterns of control, comparison, and competency keep us from living the fullest life possible.

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Starting point(s).

What’s the most loving thing you can do today…

…for your body?

…for your mind?

…for your soul?

…for your customer?

…for your neighbor?

…for a stranger?

Against such things there is no law.

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Hints that lead to conversion

Everywhere and all the time the universe is trying to teach us something, show us how reality works, and peak our curiosities.

Or to put it another way, Light, Love, and Life are always jockeying for your attention and oozing through everything.

The moment becomes electric once you enroll in the mysterious, gratuitous game of “I spy” that is to be had in the midst of all your moments.

Today, think to yourself, “everything is my teacher.”

And everything could mean…



Another’s tears.

The breeze.






The dishes.

The pile of legos.

The laundry.

The lawn.

The stars.


The seasons.



The ocean.



Your pain.

Another’s pain.

The world’s pain.




AKA everything.

Did you see hurry or busy mentioned in anything above?

Then why give them your eyes, energies, and hands?

Why allow them to be your boast?

The question on the other side of the veil won’t be “What did you do?”…it’s going to be “Were you even there?”

Conversion isn’t one and done.

It’s everywhere…all the time.

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