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Hints that lead to conversion

Everywhere and all the time the universe is trying to teach us something, show us how reality works, and peak our curiosities.

Or to put it another way, Light, Love, and Life are always jockeying for your attention and oozing through everything.

The moment becomes electric once you enroll in the mysterious, gratuitous game of “I spy” that is to be had in the midst of all your moments.

Today, think to yourself, “everything is my teacher.”

And everything could mean…



Another’s tears.

The breeze.






The dishes.

The pile of legos.

The laundry.

The lawn.

The stars.


The seasons.



The ocean.



Your pain.

Another’s pain.

The world’s pain.




AKA everything.

Did you see hurry or busy mentioned in anything above?

Then why give them your eyes, energies, and hands?

Why allow them to be your boast?

The question on the other side of the veil won’t be “What did you do?”…it’s going to be “Were you even there?”

Conversion isn’t one and done.

It’s everywhere…all the time.

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…is happening for you.

And it’s meant to happen through you.

Call it God, call it Source, call it Energy, call it Spirit, call it Light, call it Love.

It’s A-X) and Z) All of the above.

And it’s here.

It’s now.

It’s among us.

It’s at hand.

And the only place we can ever get it is here in the now.

So don’t run from it.

If it has shown up as your life, then it’s meant for your good, for your being, and for your becoming.

We get to be human.

Say it with me.

We get to be human.

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This week can we…

…speak with light and love?

…celebrate the success of another?

…earn our 10,000 hours?

…become a redemptive presence in our relationships, careers, and lives?

…ask greater questions?

…be ok with greater mystery?

…not fight the current of process?

…enjoy the process?

…love an enemy?

…forgive an enemy?

…dare to be seen?


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Being, Doing, and Having.

We tend to find ourselves in one of three camps…

  1. Have – Do – Be
    1. “Once I have_____ I will then get to _____ and finally I will be_____.
  2. Do – Have – Be
    1. “If I could just _____ I would have _______ which makes me _______.
  3. Be – Do – Have.
    1. “I am loved and enough so my story’s potential is limitless and everything I could ever want is here and available in this moment.”

Two of these are cuffs on the hands of our hearts and souls.

One of these breaks the chains.


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…doesn’t boast.

…reveals the essence of the matter it touches.

…often isn’t noticed until it’s missing.



… is you.

…is me.

…is us.

You can choose to be love or you can choose to be light.

Choose one and you’ll be both.

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