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Defining What You’re Trying To Convey

Careful with definitions.

It’s more effective to live out what you’re trying to convey rather than just giving a few words to it.

With words comes a need explanation of what you mean. With action we simply just get to see what you mean.

You’re human right is to show us…


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Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Is this fiction or non-fiction?

That’s a great question for our moments of thought and vision.

Asked another way, are we seeing things as they truly are or as we choose to see them?

Seeing fictionally is typically grounded in assumptions of others, things, and circumstances.

On the other hand, seeing non-fictionally requires empathy, pause, and bravery – there is no harder work out there.

Take a moment to step out of your story. Revisit the past pages and then please dive head first back into the non-fiction you gleaned from your pause.

Sometimes we must¬†actively¬†step out of our story to read it and find the character we’re becoming.

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Salespeople with 1000s of sales will point to the first small sale…the first yes…the first spark.

Artist describe to us the flash and spark in their mind that led to their masterpiece.

Authors will tell you about the first sentence, the spark, when asked about their book.

Musicians will point to a moment of clarity as their spark for a song’s blaze.

All fire starts within a spark.

It is there that our obsession, focus, and hope must lie.

Act small…be sparky.

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Mind. Language. Music.

It’s been said that language is the currency of the mind.

It’s also been said that music is the universal language.

Mind your music and the world around you will begin to mind your business.

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