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The Noise Draws Lines and the Music Promotes Togetherness

“I’m right, you’re wrong.”


‘He said – she said.’

“That’s not fair.”

“Lucky him.”

“Lucky her.”

Notice there is no ‘togetherness’ in these statements, lies, ideas, and excuses.

These are simply the statements that lead to the noise in our lives, families, and businesses. They do nothing well other than one thing – separate us.

The best songs are the ones where you get the sense the writer is holding your hand and saying ‘let’s do this or figure this thing out together.’

To be human, at the core, is to be in and experience something together.

Let the lines fade and let the music play.


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In tune. Eye-locked. Active listening. Responsive.

These are the charming characteristics of one who engages.

Could it be that our addiction to technology is being fueled by its ability to now listen and respond to what we are saying?

We don’t forget those people and things that engage us.

Slap on some charm.

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If you don’t make a difference…

then what do you make?

Full disclosure, I’m not sure of the exact answer, or if there is one specific answer. But it’s probably, metaphorically, some form of noise. Something unnoticed. Something lost in the mix.

A life that makes a difference is one that points or leads in a way in which people or things are not the same after being encountered to it.

Your music is the difference you’re here to make.

Noise bounces.

Music sticks.

Finally, The Game has a name: Change.

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A Life: That Which Cannot Be Put Into Words….and Reciprocation: AKA More X More.

Victor Hugo once said ‘music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.’

The same can be said for our lives.

In the end, your music will be what we call your life and your life will be what we call (and what you call) your music.

Few of our spoken words will hang frozen in time, but our action and love will echo for ages.

Couple this idea with Shakespeare’s thoughts, ‘If music be the food of love, play on, give me excess of it.” This now takes us into the law of reciprocation in which all areas of our lives can benefit.

The pursuit of more life begets a deeper and wider life.

The pursuit of more love begets deeper and wider love.

The pursuit of more music begets deeper and wider music (remember, this is that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent).

More X More = More and More and More and More.

Life, love, and music, when pursued, reciprocate the pursuit with themselves and there’s a fountain flowing deep and wide.


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