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Knowing What To Avoid…

Talking is more about listening than it is talking. If you listen well don’t be surprised when people want to talk to you more often.

Selling is more about serving than it is selling. Serve well and don’t be surprised if someone buys something from you.

The music you are here to make is more about noise recognition than it is instrument selection.

I believe you already have everything that you need, know what do to, and know how to do it.

It’s knowing what to avoid that moves us from noise makers to musicians.

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If you don’t make a difference…

then what do you make?

Full disclosure, I’m not sure of the exact answer, or if there is one specific answer. But it’s probably, metaphorically, some form of noise. Something unnoticed. Something lost in the mix.

A life that makes a difference is one that points or leads in a way in which people or things are not the same after being encountered to it.

Your music is the difference you’re here to make.

Noise bounces.

Music sticks.

Finally, The Game has a name: Change.

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Noise that I speak of on this blog is basically the aftermath of unnoticed, mundane, getting by on getting by, average, just enough to break even, everyday, routine actions.

Notice that noise is not necessarily bad – and that is why we typically settle there. Noise is safe. Noise floats the lazy river. Noise is Groundhog Day kind of life.

Music, on the other hand, requires musicianship, multiple instruments, all instruments tuned, all instruments in the same key, all musicians and instruments in communication, creativity, rhythm, imagination, practice, sore fingers, sore throats, and time…lots of time.

If your taking account of your life on the Noise/Music scale, and noise is outweighing the music, question your bravery.

It’s bravery that takes the stage,

it’s bravery that grabs the mic,

it’s bravery that writes the poem,

its’ bravery that gives the poem,

it’s bravery that chooses to walk-on,

it’s bravery that creates the future,

it’s bravery that launches the website or business,

it’s bravery that starts a band,

it’s bravery that starts a book,

it’s bravery that loves the family,

it’s bravery that moves to Broadway without lead role,

it’s bravery that serves the church,

it’s bravery that changes the world,

and it’s bravery that lets the music play.

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