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Grace is something that is hard to explain isn’t it? It’s kind of the glue, and kind of the song, and kind of the fragrance, and somehow, most likely, the plot in the story of all we see and experience.

Grace is the mysterious space between you and I and yet it is the thing in the space that connects you and I.

Grace whispers to us, grace welcomes us, and grace will only not be found when we’re preoccupied with something else ourselves. When we’re numb it can’t be felt. When we’re blind it can’t be seen.

It’s the previews of what’s to come, the show that’s in the here and now, and the word in parentheses after every name in the credits.

Quoting Thomas Merton, grace is like art in that it “enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” It was in the breeze this morning that wrapped around my skin and took me somewhere else for a moment. It was in the voicemail I wish I didn’t have to deal with today. And it was in the caffeinated, brewed algorithm I call ‘my coffee’. Its’ presence doesn’t change from the highs to the lows or from the majestic to the mundane.

And so our whimsical response is threefold: give it, share it, and enjoy it. The challenge is to not spill it or hoard it. There’s always more, but it need not be wasted or pocketed.

Yes, it’s amazing. But the bigger YES is that it’s available you, to me, and everyone with a tick-tock in their chest.

The shelf life of grace is just for the moment.

And isn’t that all we have?

And if the moment is all we have, could it be that grace is that all we need?


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You can develop a taste for the music that abundantly surrounds us each day. And better yet, the invitation of each sunrise is for you to contribute to the metaphorical music genres of beauty, meaning, and hope.

You can also develop a taste for noise. Contribution here is, unfortunately, pretty simple and can snowball into groupthink. Things like cynicism, control, pessimism, coveting, and comparing contribute as fuel for this noisy flame. Noise gets by on getting by, wouldn’t dare accept responsibility, and always reiterates just how scarce things are.

There is music you’re here to make and that music changes us, elevates our consciousness, and deposits the everlasting gift of memory.

In the end, they both – music and noise – can find a way to satisfy.


Choosing Your World

In a world of scarcity we count things.

In a world of abundance we enjoy things. 

It’s a choice to delightfully have your fill or pessimistically never have enough. 



Don’t ask for it.

Don’t push for it.

If you ask for it and if you push for it, you just may get it. And that’s not the it you’re truly after.

However, when it arrives in its own unique and non-prefabricated way, that reassurance will allow you to rest assured that you’re on something.

This will make a lot more sense the next time you’re about to ask for it and next time you’re blind-sided by it.

It should be a gift to you, the recipient, not a request.


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