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Perfection robs us. When we fear something won’t be perfect, we stand still…action-less. We’ve been robbed of something when we can’t move towards something we’re supposed to hold.

Perfectionism removes beauty and replaces it with self-fulfilling stipulations that rarely, if ever, are met. Thought: there’s never been a flower that hasn’t known what it’s like to push through dirt.

The best love stories are the imperfect ones and true art allows what you’ve seen to have a voice and accepts that some may consider it to be noise (imperfect) even though you’ve portrayed it as music in the expression.

There is a level above what’s perfect.

And that’s you and your work with soul.

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Rooted In Earth

Leonard Berstein once said, “…And no matter how serial, stochastic, or otherwise intellectual music may be, it can always qualify as poetry, as long as it is rooted in Earth.”

Him aim in saying this was for us to understand that as long as your music is rooted and pointed to that which is true and human, there will come – at some point – a poetic aftermath.

Alas, may our lives, families, and businesses be rooted in such truth and humanity. May we be pointed at what was true 10,000 years ago, what is true and human today, and what will be true and human 10,000 years from today.

“Oh me! Oh life! of the questions of these recurring,
Of the endless trains of the faithless, of cities fill’d with the foolish,
…. What good amid these, O me, O life? Answer:

That you are here—that life exists and identity,
That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse.” Walt Whitman

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A Genius Is…




…a spy.

…well versed.

…well read.

…well prepared to hear, see, and feel.


Go to the place where you become the above and there will be your place of genius.

It isn’t forced, faked, or for sale.

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The Same Kind of DIfferent

The more I travel and share with people the more often I’m getting asked what to do.

“What should I be doing?” And “What would you do?” are consistently the most often asked questions during our post talk Q & A’s.

Here’s the catch: they haven’t discovered or tapped into their music.

When you can define your why you will have framed the music you will make. Success is your purpose, meaning, and fulfillment….yours. Not the guy next to you – yours.

Some music begins with a small business and then ends with a white picket fence. Some music begins with a non-profit purpose, has a bridge of relationships, and ends with dinner and a movie. Nevertheless, you can’t say it’s this and you can’t say it’s that.

What I’m getting at is only you can define your success. Webster gave us a generic description, but it’s up to you nail it’s definition down for you.

We’re as much different as we are the same.

Whatever definition you arrive at, I do know this – it ends daily with sleeping well.


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The Norms

Your norms got you here. Wherever you’re holding a phone, wherever you’re at a desk, or wherever a computer is in your lap is a byproduct of your norms.

And your norms will get you where you’re going.

Here’s some math: The time you normally get up + The way you normally respond + The way you normally react + The way you normally eat + The way you normally drink + The way you normally love + The way normally see the world + The way you normally feel moments + The way you normally touch lives + The way you normally hear + What you normally read + What you normally watch + Who you normally hang out with + The words you normally exchange in the mirror = you in your normal state.

The more we look at what has been the norm and the more we look into what is the norm, now, the more we will see what the norm will always be.

It’s frightening to look sometimes at our norms, is it not?

But what if frightening offered a shadow of health?

I just have to believe the ‘yet to be’ > the ‘already’, but the ‘yet to be’ that we all dream of is simply not possible with the norms that have already gotten us here.

Remember…change is synonymous with life, beauty, presence, meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

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