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Take Out The Trash

Luck exists.

I don’t have the time.

Tomorrow will come.

You are born successful.

It’s just a dream.

Just wait and you will see.

I’m not schooled enough.

It’s not worth it.

I can’t _______.

We whisper these words under our breath all too often. And they’re heavy too. So heavy that we’re going to have to drag them to the trash every morning.

Resistance loves when we forget to take the trash to the curb.

But our soul is free to fly when we hear the trash man drive off with our kryptonite.

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Judgement and Curiosity

One of my heroes, Howard Brinton, often says, “get out of judgement and into curiosity.”

Don’t judge the new system. Get curious about the results.

Don’t judge the book cover. Open it. Read it.

Don’t judge the song in the first 20 seconds in. Listen fully.

Your life will alway feel like it’s in rewind when judgement rules the mind.

Curiosity is the precursor of all forward progression.

So to get from point A to point B, we’ve got to start asking questions, wondering why, finding why, understanding what’s written between the lines, and reporting back.

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The Competitive Advantage of Speed and Response

Response and speed will be the competitive advantages the great enterprises seek in the decades to come.

You can own any market with a simple 3 step formula:

1). Find the market.

2). Identify the market’s needs.

3). Respond with a remedy.

Could it be more simple?

Of course your remedy response is the most courageous step you’ll have to take, but he who can boldly take these three steps the fastest wins in the marketplace.

And after you respond with a remedy to the need – keep listening.

We love when our favorite bands and businesses actually play the music we requests.


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One of the bedrock rules of kindergarten is back: share.

Your social media platform will not succeed without sharing.

Your mentorship with a young lad is contingent on the sharing of your hard knock knowledge.

Your business will thrive with the information it shares.

Share. Then share some more.

Rest assured, you will get more than you give.

Alas, in this brave new world you are what you share.

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What if you committed to doing/accomplishing 3 big things today?

This could include: making the hard call, apologizing, overcoming a fear, offering to serve, starting a blog, buying the domain for your idea, etc.

What if?

And what if you shared your big 3 someone? What if you had accountability?

What if you repeated this daily? Even on days off. Big 3 doesn’t always have to mean business.

What if?

I bet 30 days from now, after you’ve made 90 big leaps in just 720 hours, you wouldn’t have it any other way.



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