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Ellis Island

If you’ve never heard of Ellis Island, historically, it would be worth 5 minutes of Googling.

What if everyday in your mind you got on a boat, sailed to a place with freedom of choice, got off the boat, and went on a journey?

This happens every day.

This is entrepreneurship.

We all should write ‘Ellis Island’ on our hands a reminder of what we’re all trying to do here and who did it before us.

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An Entrepreneur…

…is simply one who saw something the rest of us didn’t see.

At some point this includes all of us.

What are you seeing that we need to see?

Answer that and you’re in the doorway of entrepreneurship.

Show us what you’ve seen and you’re now an entrepreneur.

Everyone sees.

Few show and tell.

Will you?

Please do.

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Daily Questions for the Entrepreneur

Is your brand expanding?

Is your mind expanding?

Are you following the map or drawing it?

What are you becoming?

Are you another day closer to or further from your goals?

Can you define your purpose?

Are you bored?

Are you curious?

Is there more market share available?

Are you making new friends?

Who’s following you?

Who are you following?

Is it worth it?

What’s next?

Who’s not being served? How are you going to fix that?


Why not?

What’s louder in your life – the noise or the music?


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One of the bedrock rules of kindergarten is back: share.

Your social media platform will not succeed without sharing.

Your mentorship with a young lad is contingent on the sharing of your hard knock knowledge.

Your business will thrive with the information it shares.

Share. Then share some more.

Rest assured, you will get more than you give.

Alas, in this brave new world you are what you share.

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