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Now let’s leave fame, because the brand is there long before any name recognition is realized.




And what about you?

Branding is about ora…it’s about what lingers even when you’re not present. Branding is what is held in the reflection of one’s memory.

If it’s not on your resume, consider it branding. Because you can’t do branding. You simply live in a way that gives out an energy, taste, vibe, or experience that in the end is the brand.

Day in build, polish, mold, test, and discover what it means to be you and develop your brand. Day out, repeat.

It’s work to stand for something worth remarking on.

Let it be.

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People That Make Things Happen

Do just that…they make things happen.

They make, move, think, see, take note, respond, work, create…they are constantly verbing things bringing us something out of nothing or something that came before it.

Constant exposure to the new, the risky, and even our fears will, indeed, accelerate serendipity – this is key.

In the end, the people who are always making things happen tend to point to serendipity as their biggest ally in creation and maintenance of their ideas.

She sings when we make our music and make things happen.


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Greenhouses and Green Thumbs

If you’ve stuck with this blog for its short life, you know I believe in mentorship.

I believe in it because it has changed my life.

Every time I leave a greenhouse exchange with a mentor I feel more suitable for growth, pruned, and better rooted.

A great mentor really cares about your growth and welcomes you into his/her greenhouse.

Seek the shelter and atmosphere of growth that the greenhouse offers.

When it clicks in our heads that success equals gardening that is when we will do everything we can to hangout with the green thumbs of our industries.

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The Entrepreneur’s Job Description

Normally, the entrepreneur’s job description, we think, is to invent, create, dream up, execute, and take risk.

It may look like these things from the outside – but truly, now more than ever, his or her job is to obsess over finding new ways to create value in, through, and for the product/service.

The marketplace will always pay up to the value it sees and believes is there.

So while your invention, dream, and new risk may be fun, eclectic, interesting, and even worth talking about – you must never forget about its value.

An entrepreneur creates value. Period.


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