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It’s a Battle…

…to say ‘yes’ to now.

…to say ‘no’ to more stuff.

…to say ‘yes’ to today.

…to stay true to your core.

…to not be swooned by the trend.

…to create value.

…to create, lead, and design a life to mean something.

…for a business to romance its niche.

…to hear your inner-voice over the world’s noise.

…to start.

…to grow.

…to change.

…to love.

…to be brave.

…to leave it all on the field.

Battles seem to be the overwhelming theme of the stories we can’t get enough of.

They are the maps between our wants and what we have.

We all want a story, but we tend to avoid the battle get it.

Can’t have one without the other.

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Greenhouses and Green Thumbs

If you’ve stuck with this blog for its short life, you know I believe in mentorship.

I believe in it because it has changed my life.

Every time I leave a greenhouse exchange with a mentor I feel more suitable for growth, pruned, and better rooted.

A great mentor really cares about your growth and welcomes you into his/her greenhouse.

Seek the shelter and atmosphere of growth that the greenhouse offers.

When it clicks in our heads that success equals gardening that is when we will do everything we can to hangout with the green thumbs of our industries.

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What Does Small Have to do with Growth?

Go to Barnes and Noble and walk by any self-help or business section. I don’t know the figures, but getting you and I to grow (spiritually, physically, financially, etc,) has to be a billion dollar industry.

But why is there no growth? Why is the economy stalled? Why are we the same December 31 as we were January 1. Why do we set out to make music, but end up with noise?

The answer is quite simple: we don’t like small.

We prefer play over practice.

But it’s the small steps of action that lead to big results.

The driving range is the quickest route to a PGA Tour card. 50 calls will lead to the sale. Start with a 1/4 mile and soon you’ll be at a marathon.

We avoid the small, typically, because it’s not noticed.

Do the small day after day after day after day after day and you won’t be forgotten.

Your growth is contingent on your dreaming bigger and acting smaller.

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