It’s a Battle…

…to say ‘yes’ to now.

…to say ‘no’ to more stuff.

…to say ‘yes’ to today.

…to stay true to your core.

…to not be swooned by the trend.

…to create value.

…to create, lead, and design a life to mean something.

…for a business to romance its niche.

…to hear your inner-voice over the world’s noise.

…to start.

…to grow.

…to change.

…to love.

…to be brave.

…to leave it all on the field.

Battles seem to be the overwhelming theme of the stories we can’t get enough of.

They are the maps between our wants and what we have.

We all want a story, but we tend to avoid the battle get it.

Can’t have one without the other.

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