Wisdom Alchemy Vol. 6

If you’re in Texas, chances are that autumn is giving us her final ‘adios’ before winter sings his song of ‘nothingness’. Don’t forget to soak it in and remember that somewhere in breakdown spring is tuning its strings to usher in what’s next.

A New Way of Living by David Ramirez got me good….

A couple of new conversations have been posted recently @ Good / True / & Beautiful Podcast…..Work, Parent, Thrive with Yael Schonbrun and The Joy of Letting Go with Kevin Sweeney. Both have their share of golden moments.

I discovered presentations from this year’s Welcome Conference. I’m all in with all things Will Guidara @ the moment.

Ideas That Changed My Life by Morgan Housesl.

Question to ponder. Can you name those things in your life that inhibit your capacity to be in a grateful state of consciousness? Once we name them, we can tame them.

Wisdom Alchemy Vol. 5

I hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving!

Here’s a little bit that I crossed paths with this week….

Paradise Now by Tim Mackie, PhD. May we all trade our wounding for wonder and enter the mystical experience of Paradise that is always available, at hand, and among us.

Everything is Waiting for You via David Whyte. This never gets old and is one of my top ten favorite poems.

Warren Buffet’s net worth shows us a great snapshot of gradually, then suddenly….

Take, Thank, Break, Give via the Center for Action and Contemplation.

The River You Touch / Chris Dombrowski was our guest this week @ Good / True / & Beautiful Podcast. So very grateful for his friendship and work in the world.

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Wisdom Alchemy Vol. 4

Here are some interesting things I crossed paths with this week.

Sahil Bloom shared 6 graphs on who we spend our life with over time. This is worthy of reflection.

I’ve eased into autumn with Miles Davis. And like autumn, I don’t think one could ever fully comprehend what he was up to with his craft. Listen here.

There is no more reason to adhere to any idea of cool. via John Mayer.

Stay calm.

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Wisdom Alchemy Vol 3.

Here’s a quick glance at some interesting things that came my way this week.

Ryan Holiday’s 50 (short) rules for a better life. This is gold and worth a daily glance.

Jim Collins interview @ The Tim Ferris Show. It’s long, but I’ve gone back multiple times this week to write down some notes. Grade your days and go back to look at the trends over time and you’ll find yourself experiencing better days.

I interviewed Dr. Leidy Klotz on his book Subtract: The Untapped Science of Less at Good / True / & Beautiful Podcast. Click here for the interview. Takeaway practice, consider – before +.

Lastly, I’m halfway through Will Guidara’s book, Unreasonable Hospitality. I plan to take the wisdom gained and cultivated at Eleven Madison Park and weave it into my life, relationships, and businesses.

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Wisdom Alchemy Vol. 2

Here’s a quick rundown of some good things I found this week….

Morgan Housel’s The Psychology of Money is the best financial book I’ve read in a long time…He recently released a blog post called Little Rules About Big Things. It’s loaded.

I found a monthly practice called “fear setting” from Tim Ferris. Looks like a great way to set clarity, focus, and see through the noise in our minds.

Just keep investing.

Quote from Carl Jung // “The first half of life is devoted to forming a healthy ego, the second half is going inward and letting go of it.”

Have a great week!

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