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It all hinges on:

– people.

– time.

– imagination.

– change.

– hope.

May we constantly be aware of such things, for they are what open and close our doors to the music we make and lead us into leaving our worlds better than we found them.

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Celebrate The Small, Unseen

More often than not, we forget to celebrate the small and positive progressions in our lives.

We must celebrate the baby step, the meal without _______, the day without ________, the day with _________, debt reduced, a lesson learned, a skill honed, a moment made, and on and on.

There’s something about a celebration that makes us want to point towards more of what will lead us to another celebration tomorrow.

Greatness is formed in humble beginnings and mapped out via baby steps.

The unseen > what is seen……and what is typically overlooked will eventually be what you show the world.

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You Are Contagious (And So Are Others)

Your excellence.

Your par performance.

Your excitement.

Your pity party.

Your outlook.

Your look inward.

Your encouragement.

Your discouragement.

Your belief.

Your disbelief.

Your pursuit of goals.

Your contentment.

These are just a few of the things we can’t wash our hands of, so be careful who you shakes hands with.

Chances are you were given disbelief by someone before you consistently spoke it to yourself.

On the flip side, look at where excellence is found in your life, and you probably can trace it back to a time where you were around someone who, well…sneezed excellence.

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Persistence: The Choice Of Greatness

When it comes to persistence, it will never be a necessary conversation without a specific desire.

A desire to do and become a part of something great.

Experience, meaning, fulfillment, and purpose are the shadows of that greatness desired.

Nevertheless, we will face pushback, setbacks, walls, and locked doors.

And so we must choose.

Choose to persist.

And choose to persist again.

And again.

And again.

And again.

Persist today and somehow, someway, there will be enough grace to persist tomorrow. That’s how our Muse rolls.

Dream great dreams. Expect resistance. Choose persistence.

It’s a choice and only your can choose it. Never forget that.

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Hoping Your Hope vs. Pursuing Your Hope

You can hope for your hopes and ideals to come to fruition or you can actively engage and pursue them.

One approach works and one simply doesn’t.

If you haven’t arrived at or achieved a hope you’ve been after then you have a question you have to ask yourself. “Have I truly pursued this hope or have I just been crossing my fingers?”

Yes, divinity has a role in the mix and must water the seeds that we hope to harvest, but we also must sow and plant them before the rain is even necessary.

My gut tells me that the unseen forces we live within lean towards and reward the fingers that are not crossed, but the ones that are calloused with dirt under the nails.

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