Hoping Your Hope vs. Pursuing Your Hope

You can hope for your hopes and ideals to come to fruition or you can actively engage and pursue them.

One approach works and one simply doesn’t.

If you haven’t arrived at or achieved a hope you’ve been after then you have a question you have to ask yourself. “Have I truly pursued this hope or have I just been crossing my fingers?”

Yes, divinity has a role in the mix and must water the seeds that we hope to harvest, but we also must sow and plant them before the rain is even necessary.

My gut tells me that the unseen forces we live within lean towards and reward the fingers that are not crossed, but the ones that are calloused with dirt under the nails.

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One thought on “Hoping Your Hope vs. Pursuing Your Hope

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh yes. True. Give it all you got.

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