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Moments that Make Days that Make Our Life

It’s safe to assume that the majority of the world is rolling their eyes over “another” Monday while sipping their Starbucks and logging into their inboxes…right now.

But let’s call today what it’s worthy to be called: a period filled with moments that have never been. AKA possibility.

So here we are.



This moment that has never been…is…yours.

As much as you want and as hard as you may try you cannot TiVo today or pause the sunset that is coming. This thing is happening and soon, very soon, you’ll ask where it went.

The element of surprise just may be the most rewarding and life-giving gift our days.

If today is typical, that’s your fault.

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I Need Something I Can Dance To

“What’s good on the menu here?” A seasoned waiter or waitress knows that this is not really the question the guest was asking. In all reality, it was a stated desire. What they really said was, ‘I’m here to dance and I need you show me where that happens on the menu.’

“Where should I put my money?” The financial planner, if he’s listening here, recognizes this is a request for long-term dance-ability. In other words, the question was ‘where can we put this so that I’m dancing at 90?’

What questions are you most often asked? Chances are these questions need to be pondered, because the answer probably isn’t as obvious as one may think.

Leadership reads between the lines. Leadership looks below radar. Leadership uncovers music in the noise of questions.

Whatever you do, you’re role is to be the dj of whatever your industry, sector, or market is.

Here’s some beauty for today: Your words, your insight, and you – the individual – are the music.

Next time you see a globe, think dance floor.

Next time you see yourself, think DJ.

Cue the music.

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If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Be Fulfilled

I recently heard one of my heros, Matt Chandler, state that ‘most things that are not fought for are never had.’

These words rang a bell with me.

Unfortunately, the only way to coast is downhill and chances are what we all truly want out of our lives, families, and businesses is going to require an uphill battle, resistance, and a climb of some sort.

I’ve said this before, but I believe it’s worth repeating. The reason we gawk at mountains is due in part to us being able to hear their plea for us to come and climb them.

May we be battle responsive in-lieu of being battle oblivious. The only thing better than the view atop Mt. Everest is the fulfillment one holds.


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Momentum is created by consistency.

Momentum remembers the effort put in yesterday and carries it forward to today.

Momentum is infatuated with his moments.

Surprise, there are no surprises.

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