Moments that Make Days that Make Our Life

It’s safe to assume that the majority of the world is rolling their eyes over “another” Monday while sipping their Starbucks and logging into their inboxes…right now.

But let’s call today what it’s worthy to be called: a period filled with moments that have never been. AKA possibility.

So here we are.



This moment that has never been…is…yours.

As much as you want and as hard as you may try you cannot TiVo today or pause the sunset that is coming. This thing is happening and soon, very soon, you’ll ask where it went.

The element of surprise just may be the most rewarding and life-giving gift our days.

If today is typical, that’s your fault.

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One thought on “Moments that Make Days that Make Our Life

  1. denny bishop says:

    Really good start for a Monday

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