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The reason we need metaphors to power us…

“Your life becomes whatever meaning you give to it.” Tony Robbins

Part of being a pilgrim is confronting the ocean.

Part of a pilgrimage on the sea is finding a boat.

You: pilgrim.

Life: ocean.

Vocation: boat.

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The secret is…


And it’s like the sun.

If you gaze into it long enough, it’s image will burn it’s glow into everywhere else you look.

Gratitude seizes ordained opportunity, silences pessimism, and illuminates the intrinsic beauty that is so easily be overlooked.

Here’s the catch: you don’t want to miss this.

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Every breakthrough in my life has come from coming across some form of new vernacular. Beauty always unfolds when our linguistic lens is cleaned and polished.

Sometimes it takes a new word or words, a metaphor, or a concept to get me on the other side to where I want to be.

Like the night I found myself to be caught in noise was when I realized what I needed was the (my) music. Thankfully, I’ve never fully recovered from that moment of clarity and it is what appears to be my life’s journey.

In preparation for 2015, one of the goals of LTMPblog is provide life-giving vernacular that can be the root cause for breakthrough in our lives, relationships, and businesses.

We all have walls that are keeping us out of the next room of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in our lives. If you have something you would like addressed here, let it be known and I’ll do my best to provide a wrecking ball.

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