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Podcast 95 // The Transformative Power of Giving Thanks with Diana Butler Bass

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Diana Butler Bass is an author, speaker, and independent scholar specializing in American religion and culture.

She holds a Ph.D. in religious studies from Duke University and is the award-winning author of ten books, including Grounded: Finding God in the World —A Spiritual Revolution (HarperOne, 2015) and Grateful: The Transformative Power of Giving Thanks which will be released by HarperOne on April 3, 2018.

She regularly speaks at conferences, consults with religious organizations, leads educational events, and teaches and preaches in a variety of venues in the United States and internationally. Her bylines include The Washington Post, The New York Times Syndicate, and The Huffington Post. She has commented widely on religion, politics, and culture widely in the media including USA TODAY, Time, Newsweek, CBS, CNN, FOX, PBS, NPR, Sirius XM, and CBC.

Diana Butler Bass is the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including the Wilbur Award, the Nautilus Gold Medal, the Book of the Year from Religion News Service, and the Frank S. and Elizabeth D. Brewer Prize of the American Society of Church History. She holds an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from The General Theological Seminary in New York. She also serves on the board of Public Religion Research and is an advisor on the project for a National Museum of American Religion in Washington, D.C.

Additionally, Dr. Butler Bass has taught at Westmont College, the University of California at Santa Barbara, Macalester College, Rhodes College, and the Virginia Theological Seminary in subjects ranging from church history and American religious history to religion and politics, religion and race, and congregational studies. From 2002 to 2006, she was the Project Director of a national Lilly Endowment-funded study of mainline Protestant vitality—a project featured in Newsweek, USA TODAY, and the Los Angeles Times.

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Today we return to our original tempo and tone as humans. Gratitude was always meant to be our song.

We our wired to be awe-struck and wonder-eyed by the infinite givenness of universe. 

Today we celebrate this givenness…the seen and the unseen…the known and the unknown…the certainty and the Mystery. 

We must return to this as our normal state of being.

When the human spirit is rooted in gratitude, it becomes a channel and, subsequently, a river for love, grace, and peace. In other words, our posture today is the great predecessor to what will heal us and our world.

Take note of how little you try to judge, critique, change, or fix what is today. You simply just enjoy it for what it is and you reflect on the enjoyment.

May we repeat today all of our days.

We can do better than 1 out of 365.

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There’s power in simplicity…

and in gratitude…

and in presence…

and in Love…

…and it’s all at your fingertips.

Power will always be sold to us as something external to obtain. The reality is it’s totally an inside job and it’s flow and availability only increases the more we use it.

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Gifts and Gratitude

Rain that wakes you up in the middle of the night, the smell of coffee even before you experience the taste, the regrouping period after a laugh attack, and the orchid that calls your name when you walk in the local market…these are the recognized gifts of those who are awake to the grace peppered over their moments. If we can stay in such a state of awareness, we will turn every corner with holy and eager anticipation.

As you approach this week be on the lookout for the small, the mostly overlooked, and even the moments you would typically avoid (getting out of bed at 3 am to watch the rain).

Gratitude opens the gate to the garden of our souls. And if that garden is available and can receive the seeds, sun, and rain it needs to flourish then you just may find the theme of life that every human is longing for.

Our job is to open the gate and part the veil to make the garden available. It’s Another’s job to provide the seed, sun, and rain.

To be open and available with a grounding ‘Thank you’, truly, is a WONDERful place to point your days.

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Simple Truth(s)

Delayed gratification and The Law of the Harvest pair very well.

Mundane is magic.

Mystery is to be embraced.

Gratitude is a great ‘noise’ reducer.

If it’s true it will set you free.

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