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The Heart

The heart.

AKA the scale.

AKA the thermometer.

AKA the tuning fork.

AKA the garden.

AKA the compass.

AKA the candle.

AKA the mirror.

Think of the implications here….

Guard it.

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LTMP Episode 11: Evan Rosell, Finding Your True Self, & The Bluebird

Episode 11: Evan Rosell, Finding Your True Self, & The Bluebird


You can listen by clicking the button below or find it in iTunes by clicking here.

Today, we had a first at LTMP Podcast…I had the honor and privilege to have and share a conversation with Evan Rosell, Pastor of Ministry Leadership at Redeemer Fellowship in Kansas City, MO.

A few weeks ago, Evan and I had one of our sporadic phone calls. After about an hour of riffing back and forth on new ideas, concepts, books, and journeys, I asked if he would be up for recording a call and sharing it on the podcast. He agreed and I think you’ll enjoy it!

More love,


PS – If you haven’t watched Chef’s Table on Netflix, you are missing out. It is crazy-beautiful, wonderfully inspiring and I’m watching it tonight.

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Muscles and Memory

If the memory is never made it will never be held.

May you simply be centered at the soul.

May you artistically do something with the muscles of your heart, mind, and hands.

And may you wonderfully have and hold the memories of an active and participating soul.

“Everything inside you that’s not something you own is what you’re taking with you on the day that you go.” Ryan Adams


Full. Filled.

Growth, health, and good condition are the signposts that point the way towards fulfillment.

You can be full and not satisfied.

Some are filled, but their diet is a sham.

Could it be that nourishment, at the soul level, is the first domino that must tip to eventually tip the last one we call ‘fulfillment’?

We need to talk about it more. <<< Click.

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The moment you stop wondering is precisely when you’ll start wandering.

Follow the glow.

Follow the music.

There you’ll have just enough to light to see and just enough rhythm to dance.

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