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Universal Suggestions

Listen to disruptions.

Celebrate small successes.

Exchange words in your vernacular like working, building, and producing with crafting, cooking, writing, gardening, or painting. The results will taste better.

Hold your truth with humility.

Embrace paradox.

Spy for beauty and then tell us when and where you found it.

Obey your body.

Center yourself often in gratitude.

Keep learning and sharing what you’re learning.


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Power and Force

The power we all possess is universal.

This power is gentle, wide, and unlike most things we’ve been schooled into thinking and knowing as powerful.

It isn’t so much about your work as it is about your awakening.

It is well learned in the roots and layers of things.

It knows that a lot of instruments, timing, and tuning must take place for the music to happen.

And then there’s force.

Force isn’t our friend, even though it will do everything it can to make us think so.

Force knows nothing of possibility.

Force can’t imagine a place of paradox to be true.

Force wins the match of the day but loses at the game of life.

Force is the opposite of flow.

But power…

Power loves the process of all things.

Power pursues compassion.

Power includes, transcends, enlarges, and enlivens everything it touches.

Power knows the possibility that is packed into the unity that comes with both individual the and the collective whole.

Power is married to patience.

Power is vulnerable.

And your practice with this power that you behold is the gateway to unlimited joy and open-handed ease with your days.


You just flexed the most powerful muscle you have…your soul.

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Plan A. Plan Be.

Everyday we graduate.

We graduate from yesterday into today.

We graduate from today into tomorrow.

Here are some notes take with you into each new world the sunrise authors and sunset embraces…

Rather than knowing what you’re going to be against, first find out what you’re going to be for.

You can climb your ladders and mountains of success or simply remember everyday to step into the flow of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, goodness, and self-control. That river will always lead somewhere beautiful. 

Keeping your head down and white knuckling your destiny into a reality is quite popular. But what if joy is the hinge of the doors to our destiny?

It will be much easier to be closed and certain rather than open and curious. You may not always be correct in the eyes of the popular vote, but you will be connected with those you’ve been entrusted and to world at large. 

As you juggle being, doing, and having, keep your eyes on your being. Your hands will then always gratuitously know what they already have and they will always eagerly find something to do.

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Podcast 58: A Conversation with John Mark Comer

John mark

John Mark Comer lives Portland, OR, with his with wife Tammy and their three kids – Jude, Moses, and Sunday.

He’s the pastor for teaching and vision at Bridgetown Church, right in the center of the city (by Powell’s Books if you’ve ever been to Portland).

John Mark is also the author of numerous books; My Name is Hope, Loveology, Garden City, and his most recent, God has a Name.

You can download or stream this episode and all of the other episodes of Let The Music Play Podcast in iTunes or at

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