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Careful with your moments.

A moment holds the option for you to coach or criticize…please coach.

A moment holds the option for you to sell or serve…please serve.

A moment holds the option for you to accept or challenge the status-quo….please challenge.

All moments are opportunities for you to shape, mold, or change someone’s world.

The core of life’s richness is found in our moments – no matter how big or how small.

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What Needs To Go?

One does not accumulate but eliminate.

It is not the daily increase but daily decrease.

The height of cultivation always runs to simplicity.

-Bruce Lee

Knowing where and what to subtract is the art of those who are most progressive.

And yes, I just quoted Bruce Lee.


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What’s next?

The artist is the perpetual creative.

He always longs for more and is caught in wonder about what’s next.

Here’s to setting our sails off the shores of complacency so that we may find new islands of opportunity.

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Good News

Your music is yours and only yours.

The same goes for your story.

Own it.

Make it.

Create it.

Lead it.

Speak it.

Breathe it.

Live it.

Share it.

These are the things no one can take from you РAND, they are your competitive advantage as well.

This is the good news of all things entrepreneurial.

Q & A

Q: Why am I here?

A: _________________________

Q What are my goals?

A: _________________________

Q: Where am I going?

A: _________________________

Q: What keeps me up at night?

A: _________________________

Q: What is my story?


Q: What is my music?


Not enough of us are brave enough to ask these questions – and even less of us are brave enough to find the answers.

Want to dent the world? Start asking questions.

Want to change the world? Start finding and creating answers.

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