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Defining Moments

Chances are you cannot recall what you ate for dinner two nights ago, the bullet points of last night’s State of the Union Address, or the majority of your emails received yesterday.

Nevertheless, today we all will divinely cross paths with someone needing us in a special moment. A defining moment conducted, designed, and orchestrated via the Muse.

It could look like doctor with patient, Realtor with buyer, mother with child, cop with victim, banker with businessman, coach with player, teacher with student, pastor with church member, barista with coffee lover, leader with follower, or counselor with shaken soul.

While this moment may be an everyday experience for you, chances are it’s a frozen moment in time for your customer, user, client, or child.

Your art and music will change when you realize that the receiver of your art and music will revisit this moment often.

Really. We need awareness of just how significant our moments are.

This moment may not define you, but it most definitely will define something about the other party involved in this moment.

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Careful with your moments.

A moment holds the option for you to coach or criticize…please coach.

A moment holds the option for you to sell or serve…please serve.

A moment holds the option for you to accept or challenge the status-quo….please challenge.

All moments are opportunities for you to shape, mold, or change someone’s world.

The core of life’s richness is found in our moments – no matter how big or how small.

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