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…is the pace where we can feel, taste, see, respond, and enjoy.

Rushing the ingredients always messes up the meal.

Let it be. 

Let it breathe. 

Let it bloom.

Power and force are two different conversations.


Simplicity beyond complexity…

…happens when our scattered being arrives at a place of centeredness…

…when our peace surpasses our understanding…

…and when the mundane becomes the holder of our magic.

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Podcast 50: Crafting a Life of Curiosity with Pat Dodd


Pat Dodd resides in San Diego, California. With the backdrop of an oceanic horizon, Pat seeks to find, enjoy, and experience all of the wonderful gifts life has to offer.

With spiritual curiosity and cultivated relationships around the context of music, he joins us in this episode of Let The Music Play Podcast as we discuss life, wisdom, and the school of love.

You can download this episode and all other episodes of Let The Music Play Podcast in iTunes and at


PS – Check out the show notes below.

Ryan Booth (director and partner of SerialBox) (Blog, Music)
The LTP / #DoddNod Playlist includes all of the following:
Rayland Baxter
Colony House
Blake Mills (and an old video profile, but so good)
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Allow abundance to have the final say.

Look don’t think.

Listen don’t react.

Learn the moment before you judge, critique, label, or condemn it.

Let it be and then let yourself be.

Inhale ‘yes’.

Exhale ‘now’.

The School of Love is always in session.

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If you have peace…

…then there’s peace in the world.

We will only come to know and experience the outer world via our inner world’s vibe, temperature, and posture.

This is your friendly reminder that we’re the ones holding the keys.

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