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This week can we…

…speak with light and love?

…celebrate the success of another?

…earn our 10,000 hours?

…become a redemptive presence in our relationships, careers, and lives?

…ask greater questions?

…be ok with greater mystery?

…not fight the current of process?

…enjoy the process?

…love an enemy?

…forgive an enemy?

…dare to be seen?


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We get the word human from humus. In Latin, humus literally means soil.

In other words, when humans (before they called themselves humans) first needed a word to agree on to describe who and what they were, they pointed to the dirt…the ground…the place of growth and the setting for decomposition to create what’s next.

And yet there’s also a dimension of Spirit with our grounded, ‘humusness’.

There’s soul moving in the soil.

Theres being happening in the biology.

There’s something divine playing in the space between our first breath and our decomposition.

We are cocktails of Heaven and Earth.

How will you put these two together?

Your answer is what I call the music.

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a more loving a you…

a more joyful you…

a more peaceful you…

a more forgiving you…

a kinder you…

a better you…

a more faithful you…

a more gentle you…

a more responsive you.

If you’re awake, you’ll start to notice every breath is pointing you towards one of these.

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Comparison (The Red Flag)

Allow comparison to be your red flag.

A sign that the ego is fighting to own the eyes in the moment.

The ego will always try to fool you and those you’re near out of one
another’s essence via comparison.

There’s a reason Divinity and diversity share their first three letters.

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If you have peace…

…then there’s peace in the world.

We will only come to know and experience the outer world via our inner world’s vibe, temperature, and posture.

This is your friendly reminder that we’re the ones holding the keys.

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