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It’s subtle…

…and so easy to miss.

The steam rising from the coffee in your hands…

…the curious wonder in your child’s eye.

The inhale that’s never missed following up your exhale…

…the smile from a stranger that peels away your label of ‘strange’.

Most will settle today for a drama they think they’ve been cast for. They will drink and drink of gossip, blame until their blue in the face, become the victim at any cost and live into the belief that it’s all going to hell in a handbasket.

What if heaven is at our fingertips?

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What’s in front of you.


Just do that.

A mess? Clean it up.

A job? Do it. Do it in a way only you can.

The blinking cursor? Type. And keep typing.

A meal? Taste. Enjoy. Give thanks.

Another’s tears? Hold them. Sit with them. Don’t try to fix them. Just be with them.

What our past was and what are future will become pales in comparison to what Heaven is ushering at our fingertips.

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Here. At hand. Among us.

If your posture in this life is available and open enough to take in all of the Heaven that’s at your fingertips then you’ll most likely find it not so necessary to point out the hell you’re finding, or being sold, in your niche market hand baskets.

Imagine a world where our radars picked up more joy than fights.


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