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It’s subtle…

…and so easy to miss.

The steam rising from the coffee in your hands…

…the curious wonder in your child’s eye.

The inhale that’s never missed following up your exhale…

…the smile from a stranger that peels away your label of ‘strange’.

Most will settle today for a drama they think they’ve been cast for. They will drink and drink of gossip, blame until their blue in the face, become the victim at any cost and live into the belief that it’s all going to hell in a handbasket.

What if heaven is at our fingertips?

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August 21, 1999

Think back twenty years ago.

Think about how you saw yourself, the world, your relationships, your dreams, and so forth.

Personally, almost every fact that I held so dearly twenty years ago now feels more like the dandelions children act like they own and then watch in awe as the wind takes them away.

All of the notes I’ve taken lead me to know two things: 1) There are fewer rules than we were taught. And 2) The languages that are used to explain things to us are far less useful than the actual languages that can speak and communicate to life, relationships, love, faith, and vocation.

If you’re going to ask anything of yourself today, ask for your heart to be expanded. Ask for the capacity to behold something far more mysterious and beautiful than you have ever imagined. “Taste and see” are words of experience, not of explanation.

Naturally, as the vase of your heart expands the garden of life blooms and blooms and blooms and blooms to fill the container.


What we seek, we find.

So the question is, “What are we seeking?”

Unity or uniformity?

Meaning or money?

Connection or correctness?

Symphony or cynicism?

Banquets or battles?

Only a mindset that is empowered from the heart space will be able to grasp the peace available here that eventually surpasses our ego’s need to understand.


Your dreaded and cherished illusions…

What will you do with these this week?

Before you can penetrate the illusion and touch reality you must first find the courage to simply look at them.

The look itself is bravery.

Perhaps some of the illusions need to be thanked for their time thus far. Or maybe the chord just needs to be cut.

Either way, liberation is available on the other side of the look and of the letting go.

And don’t go looking for keys.

Reality is always locked from the inside.





Conducive Conditions

Only when your inner state has conditions conducive for gardening will your exterior experience produce the flowers you long to behold.

If the vase is empty, you may want to start tilling the soil in your chest.

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