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It is going to take longer than you expected it would take.

It won’t happen on its own.

It will change a lot over time…and it won’t be what you originally thought it was going to be.

But it will be worth it…

As long as you stick with it.



First, set your intention.


Speak it.

Name it.

Declare it.

Write it.

Proclaim it.

Do whatever must be done for it to be set, known, seen, and held in the light.

Then be intentional.




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LTMP Episode 20: Singer Songwriter Robbie Seay


Robbie is best know for his career as a songwriter, recording artist & worship leader. Founding the Robbie Seay Band in 2001, RSB has released 7 albums including the critically acclaimed 2007 EMI release “Give Yourself Away”. Songs from these recordings have been featured in multiple tv shows and movies including American Idol, One Tree Hill & numerous shows on the ABC network.

In this episode, we talk about Robbie’s life as a singer-songwriter as well as rise role as a father, husband, and campus pastor.

Be sure to support Robbie’s art and work at

You can stream and download more episodes of Let The Music Play Podcast by clicking here.

Lastly, please remember to share this with those you love and those you lead.

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Going Big.

Time stood still for me today with a quote I heard from the great Dr. Parker J. Palmer.

He said, “As long as we are wedded to “effectiveness” we will take on smaller and smaller tasks, for they are the only ones with which we can get results.”

Here’s a HUGE question for all of us. Is effectiveness your drug of choice?

If so, be careful.

It’s a short buzz with a small ending and the only fix is another hit of the same scenario.

PS – Last week I released a podcast that has struck a chord with many of our listeners entitled “Ludicrously Happy”. You can listen to it here. It was a short riff off of a poem from Rumi and it may help you connect some dots with growing your capacity, increasing your awareness, and living out the difficult and necessary paths for a great-big-lovely story.

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When you finally find yourself and start to live out and through this integrity you will have just found your niche.

This should settle some of the confusion around the topic of choosing one’s vocation.

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