First, set your intention.


Speak it.

Name it.

Declare it.

Write it.

Proclaim it.

Do whatever must be done for it to be set, known, seen, and held in the light.

Then be intentional.




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2 thoughts on “Intentionality

  1. I love this Ashton. I never did get back to you when you answered my email months ago. I apologize. I guess I really didn’t think you would answer my email . Then when you did I felt a little intimidated. I have a product that I am very passionate about. I wanted to talk to you about diffusing essential oils in your open house events. It makes the warmth of a home triple in personality when this is done. Not only does DoTERRA Essential Oils work for Medicinal purposes such as keeping a home germ free when diffused but can control emotional well being aromaticaly . Diffusers can be wonderful gifts at the closing of a home to enhance a buyer seller relationship. Think about it and I would love to meet with you to demonstrate this in one of your homes.

    Excited about meeting with you,
    Phyllis Elliott

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