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Be the Learned

When you learn something today you have something you didn’t have yesterday.

Knowledge connects dot, creates things, evokes your original dreams, and makes the world a better place.

It’s hard to keep something new to ourselves…so we’re all better off when you share with us the musings of your new learnings.


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People That Make Things Happen

Do just that…they make things happen.

They make, move, think, see, take note, respond, work, create…they are constantly verbing things bringing us something out of nothing or something that came before it.

Constant exposure to the new, the risky, and even our fears will, indeed, accelerate serendipity – this is key.

In the end, the people who are always making things happen tend to point to serendipity as their biggest ally in creation and maintenance of their ideas.

She sings when we make our music and make things happen.


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All Moments. Response. Legacy.

All moments equally hold possibility for opportunity.

It’s our level of awareness that fluctuates.

No matter the moment, some thing is always trying to be seen, revealed, felt, or heard.





Legacy, at its core, is the aftermath of our response to the whispering things in all of our moments.


Know Your North

In the beginning when you start something you probably know where North is.

North is found in passion.

North is your place of purpose.

North holds your values.

It’s irrelevant whether you’re looking to go some place that is north, south, east, or west.  You may not know what your destination looks like, but you should be able to know if the direction feels right or not. 


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Please Don’t Stop The Music

There’s a rumor that some school districts are doing away with or consolidating their art and music classes at the elementary level.

I would assume this is probably to fit more standardized teaching and preparation for more standardized testing. Even though the tests the world procures for us outside of academic walls are anything but conventional.

There’s a big difference in asking “what’s the answer?” and “what do you see?”. The answer is memorized. What is seen is imagined. Art gives us that opportunity.

There’s a big difference in asking “what’s the answer?” and “what do you feel or hear?”. The answer is a formulaic. What is felt and heard taps into soul. Music gives us that opportunity to tap into such things.

Maybe school should ask more than it tells its students…the same goes for parents: children, leader: team members, etc.

Learning thy self just may be the highest form of education, and we have a problem when our children have missed the opportunity to discover their own unique and personal voice.

It never ends well when we let the music stop.

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