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The Choice

There are many, but THE CHOICE that will predict the experience that is heard, felt, and seen and the story that unfolds with you and your music will you be whether you choose to be an artist or whether you choose karaoke.

Here, this is free. Did you know that karaoke is two Japanese words put together: empty (kara) and oke (orchestra)?

You can be an empty orchestra or a full symphony.

Your choice.

And this choice makes ALL the DIFFERENCE in your world and the world of others.

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Your Rubik’s Cube

We’re all holding, turning, and working on a metaphorical Rubik’s Cube.

I have mine.

You have yours.

Beautiful, right? Collectively a choir, individually a voice.

If someone asked you, “How does one live well and lead a good life?”…would you be willing to share your cube with them to help them with an answer?

Align the colors…shift the rows…listen to the other side…connect the dots…someone will need your insight soon.

rubik's cube

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Says who?

Most of the time it’s us…drawing the lines that supposedly can’t be crossed, building the boxes we say can’t be escaped, and sharing the words that cut the cords to possibility.

A massive leap towards success happens when you gain the awareness of the dialogue, right or wrong, that is happening with yourself hundreds of thousands of times a day.

Personal Responsibility > The Blame Game.

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