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The Choice

Will you chase or will you attract?

This is a giant question for us and the choices here could not be more different.

Think of the implications here for all things in our lives, relationships, and businesses.

The chase will always leave you out of breath, tired, and panting. Even if you catch it, whatever it is will probably have to be juggled and, unfortunately, dropped.

And then there’s attraction which leads to a waltz and something (a human, an experience, or a moment) you can hold.

So what’s it going to be? The dance or the rat race?

Your call.

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The Choice

There are many, but THE CHOICE that will predict the experience that is heard, felt, and seen and the story that unfolds with you and your music will you be whether you choose to be an artist or whether you choose karaoke.

Here, this is free. Did you know that karaoke is two Japanese words put together: empty (kara) and oke (orchestra)?

You can be an empty orchestra or a full symphony.

Your choice.

And this choice makes ALL the DIFFERENCE in your world and the world of others.

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