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At the center of the universe…

…there is a jazz trio: joy, generosity, and reciprocity. The music they make creates endless waves – each named ‘gift’ – upon which we can surf with our lives, relationships, and vocations.

At the center of our individual, small worlds, there is a scorecard and endless games that involve boundaries, rules, fouls, and the tallying of points as time expires.

Which center will you pledge your allegiance to?

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Ashton’s Weekend Read(s)

The art of letter writing is something I’ve noticed leaders do very well. I’ve read two letters to shareholders in the last couple of weeks….one short, one very long. Jeff Bezos ends his final letter as CEO at Amazon in the way only he can. And Jamie Dimon has the sharpest vision I’ve seen.

Godin on Investment and Expenses.

Love and Friendship from the Center for Action and Contemplation.

Red Bird Explains Himself by Mary Oliver.

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Good Word of the Day // Doing Without

“We are happy in direct proportion to the things we can do without.” Henry David Thoreau

Episode 199: Wisdom and meaning in song in word with Andy Squyres Good / True / & Beautiful | with Ashton Gustafson

Part singer, part songwriter, part uneducated lover of words.
  1. Episode 199: Wisdom and meaning in song in word with Andy Squyres
  2. Episode 198: Hardwired for Happiness with Ashish Kothari
  3. Episode 197: Brain Fitness with Dr. Patrick K. Porter
  4. Episode 196: Ten Years Ago I Found Out Who I Wasn't
  5. Episode 195: Finding Your Center

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